Bauchi State TESCOM (Teachers Service Commission) Past Questions And Answers

Bauchi State TESCOM (Teachers Service Commission) past question and answers. the format, how is it patterned, what is it all about and the easiest way to get it. The questions are designed to help student ease their examination fever and pass with flying colours.

Why Past Question and Answers?

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why practice is important to mastering skills. Firstly, the only way to truly learn a skill is by actually doing what you’ll have to do in the real world. Secondly, I think practice can be a fun way of putting in the necessary hours. There are, however, some people who will disagree. Thirdly, and most importantly, it is said that people tend to remember only 10-20% of what they read or hear. Moreover, that number rises to as much as 90% when you put theory to practice. In conclusion, following up explanation with practice is key to mastering a skill and make the difference Bauchi State TESCOM (Teachers Service Commission) past question and answers

Nature of the Past Question paper

The past question and answer are the compilation of all the question given to past candidate to answer and qualify them for employment into the Bauchi State TESCOM (Teachers Service Commission). We have made it very simple, and affordable such that every candidate can get it or download it as long as they have access to computer or smart phones. All those who bought our Past question and answers have been given testimonies of how it helped them. We are very sure it is going to be of help to you as well.

Why You Need a Copy of Past Question and Answers

Any candidate who would not want to write Bauchi State TESCOM (Teachers Service Commission) examination every again and again, would make good use of this great opportunity by maximizing the use of Bauchi State TESCOM (Teachers Service Commission) past question and answers. Because it is of immense important to you. There are several other reasons why you will need to purchase the past question and answer. But for clarity, we explain a few, you need the past question for the following reasons:

  • First, it enlightens the candidate on the scope of the examination.
  •   It opens your eyes toward the dimension questions are likely to come out. Hence, you won’t be in the dark about questions to expect in the examination
  • It makes the candidate to be confident of his or her self. Therefore you won’t depend on others or malpractice, rather you will be confident in your ability.
  •  Furthermore you won’t develop exams fever as a result of not knowing where the questions will  be coming from.
  •  It equips you beforehand, and also guides you on how to answer technical examination questions

Sample of question

 And so far, we have picked some random question from past question for your assimilation.

  • What type of educational materials and activities do you prepare while teaching periodic table?
  1. what is mean by OPC cement? Explain the preparation of Cement


  • Prepare a lesson plan to teach the concept Living Things
  1. Define prime number. Show that no other consecutive number is prime other than (2,3).

(3) Element of teaching exclude the following?

  1. formalize arrangement
  2. joint planning
  3. two or more professionals
  4. student teachers

(4) The criteria for assessing student teacher’s practicals exclude the following

  1. introduction
  2. conclusion
  3. examination
  4. interaction

(5) If 80% of students in your class are naturally week and slow in

understanding, what should be your teaching style?

  1. Focus only on week students
  2. Reduce the speed of your teaching as much as possible
  3. In addition to keeping your teaching slow, add some extra guidance to encourage pupils
  4. Remain fast in your teaching so as to boost the assimilating power of the students who are week and slow in understanding

(6) The price of 10 chairs is equal to that of 4 tables. The price of 15 chairs and    2 tables together is N4000. What is the total price of 12 chairs and 3 tables?

  1. N4800
  2. N3900
  3. N2500
  4. N5000

How to Purchase The Complete Past Question Paper

Price – N2,500  N2,000 (Two Thousand Naira Only)

Make a bank deposit or mobile transfer of ₦2,000 only to the account given below;

Bank Name: FCMB
Account Number: 1001994245
Account Name: Fran-Botex Global Ventures

After making the payment Click Here to send the following;
Depositor’s Name or Screenshot of Payment
Name of the Past Question
Active Email Address

to us on WhatsApp  07043016485, or Call Us on 07043016485.

Once your details has been received and your payment confirmed by us, you will receive the past question in your email or WhatsApp within 5 Minutes.

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