From the beginning was my personal thought and with my concern Friends by my side as I intimated you people on my political intention to contest for the seat of plateau state House of Assembly Bokkos constituency.
I developed interest to aspired in order to compliment the social services needed my the constituency as demands by the Democratic culture,I want to sincerely thank you all for your prayers and supports both in cash and materials all to ensure my vision is collectively achieved, may your efforts be rewarded by God the giver of all things in Jesus name Amen

I wish to formally update this noble group members that after all exhausted resources, time and energies by all of you,we were not able to sufficiently raised the expression of interest form to contest along others which I know this will not be a good news to a concern Friends of your humblekinds but God’s time is the best,by this belated notice,I please want us to accept it as a channel of road map to new ideas towards strategizing against future.
I so much believed that when our opportunity tallies with God’s time we shall soar above the sea with you people around.
Once again I sincerely and most respectfully thank you all and hope this show of love never breaks for any reason or reasons please

God bless my concern Friends and urge us all to transfer our supports to those God say is their times today for greater is the plan of God upon mindkind

Amb Duwam Bosco
Leader and captain of the PACE SETTING 2023

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